Window & Contract Cleaning


Blinky Property solutions are able to provide a range of cleaning services including regular cleaning contracts, such as communal area cleaning inside a residential block and annual/bi-annual window cleaning for office, retail and apartment developments.

We primarily focus on providing these services in the east London area including Docklands, Canary Wharf, Stratford and Greenwich however annual or bi-annual contracts outside of these areas are also available.

Our window cleaning services are carried out using a variety of methods including Wash & reach systems up to 20m and Cleaning from Access Equipment such as Cherry pickers and Truck Mounted lifts up to 56m, which we are fully insured.

Our window cleaning is carried out using Pure Water which has been passed through a special resin which removes all impurities which allows it to dry water mark and beading free to a better result, the only additive we use is a window cleaning glaze which helps to give the glass an improved shine and encourage water run-off.

One of our current window cleaning contracts is a large development of approximately 40 apartment blocks of 3-5 floors in the heart of docklands, which is carried out twice a year using wash & Reach and a mixture of access solutions including cherry pickers. Within the same development we also hold a weekly communal areas cleaning contract.