LED Lighting


Our Speciality at Blinky Property Solutions is in LED Lighting solutions, we started the company to install LED Lighting systems for some of our existing clients from our sister company Blinky Media Ltd.

LED lighting has improved massively in the last few years to ensure were able to provide great value lighting solutions. Combine this with savings of up to 95% of your ongoing lighting costs, plus no more blown bulbs, starters or ballasts; you can nearly completely wipe out on-going maintenance for up to 10 years.

LED lighting versatility can be illustrated by looking at our past projects. Since January 2012 we have completed installs in a whole manner of situations, including; Offices, retail shops, communal areas in residential blocks such as corridors and garage Lighting, domestic residential environments plus outdoor and even garden lighting.

But why pick LED?

  • The cost of LED technology has reduced massively in the last few years
  • Rapid energy price increases,
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs
  • Energy saving efficiency of LED technology compared to traditional lighting methods
  • Return on investment in as little as 6 Months (depending on equipment used)

For more information on LED Lighting see further on in the booklet.


LED Lighting More info & FAQs

Understanding LED Lighting

In this day and age it is more important than ever to make informed purchases, we have to consider the product, its impact on our pockets and its effects on the environment. The problem is we often assume what’s on the back of the box is right for us.

The next few pages are designed to try and explain what LEDs are, how they work and how they will impact your lighting, your budget and the environment.

Unlike traditional lighting, which loses most of its energy though heat, LEDs are extremely efficient, using a massive 90% less energy as they waste much less of it generating heat and use more of it generating light. They are also much more durable, lasting 50 times longer than standard bulbs, lasting an impressive 50,000 hours of consistent, efficient and quality light.

Why Choose LED?

LED technology is totally changing the way that lighting is used and maintained in all environments from home to office and other work places. There are a whole range of benefits to LED Lighting over traditional lighting while at the same time the costs of switching to LED lighting has reduced significantly, meaning LED products can ‘pay-back’ in as little as 3 months.


More Efficient/ Lower Energy costs:

LED Lighting can use up to 95% less energy compared to traditional lighting. LED Lighting can provide comparable lighting using considerably less power as they convert less of the energy to heat, much more of the power (80%) is turned directly into light, compared to 90% turned to heat by traditional light bulbs.

Maintenance Free:

A typical LED Light will last for 50,000 light hours, which works out as more than 20 years based on 6 hours every single day. They are also less affected by switching cycles (being turned on and off) than traditional bulbs, they are also much less affected by the environmental temperature.

1 LED bulb could last the same amount of time as 50 traditional light bulbs.

This means no more changing of bulbs, ballasts, starters or tubes, while fumbling around in the dark, for a very long time!

More adaptable lighting:

LED technology is bringing lots of exciting new possibilities along with it, from switching colour temperatures, RGB (colour Change) Bulbs, choice of Warm or Cool White, Dimmable and Non Dimmable and many more, you can transform your space using LED Lighting at the touch of a button or even using your smart phone!

Environmentally Friendly:

LED lights are considered to be the latest in cutting edge technology, it has been hailed as the future of lighting worldwide. LEDs are a superb alternative to traditional bulbs for a wide range of reasons, from a purely environmental stand point they could reduce global energy use by 16%.

LEDs also contain no dangerous chemicals, No IR or UV Emissions, More Direction = Less Light Pollution, Considerably more efficient.

Useful things to know

What is a Watt?

The wattage is the value given to the amount of power consumed by the light bulb itself. So, a 50 watt halogen spotlight bulb will use 50 watts of power, so if you have 8 of these in your kitchen they will use 400 watts or 0.4 kilowatts every hour.

If you replace these with our 4watt LED Spotlights then you would be saving 368watts every hour, with every kilowatt costing on average 12p, over a year you could save £48 even if you only use them for 3 hours a day.

What is a Lumen?

For years people have chosen to measure how bright a light bulb will be by its wattage, or power used, the higher the wattage, the brighter the light it provides in theory, as ever it’s a bit more complicated than that, but we won’t even go there!

LEDs twist that whole concept around as they use so much less power, but produce more efficient light. The Scientific measure for brightness is Lumens which gives a simple maths based answer to how bright a light is, but doesn’t account for the high quality and consistent light LEDs provide, plus they have a significantly better degradation rate, so they are brighter for a lot longer.

What are colour temperatures?

Colour Temperature is the measure of how warm or cool the light given off a bulb appears. With LED Lighting this is much easier to vary than traditional bulbs, helping create atmospheric lighting.

Warm colours have a soft and subtle yellow colouring which gives a feeling of comfort and warmth. Cool light tends to have a blue-ish colouring which feels lighter and brighter, ideal for working spaces and bathrooms.

Colour Temperatures are measured in Kelvins (K) The higher the value the cooler the overall colour of the light, e.g. cool white is 6000k, Daylight is 4000k and a typical warm white is 2700k.

Our LED Product Range

A quick fire introduction to our range of LED Light products, this is by no means our complete range, there are far too many products to go through, but these are the key products that we have installed on numerous projects. All of these products are held in stock for fast availability and we can supply or supply and install them. We can also visit on site with demonstration units and to provide quotes on larger projects.

2D Bulkheads (wall or ceiling lights)

We have a range of 2D bulkheads to suit a variety of applications depending on the situation. All of these are available with or without Emergency Lighting packs. The 2D bulkheads we use have been specially selected for their high specifications, Superb Light Quality and Output as well as their aesthetics (they are lights that actually look nice and work well!)

We have standard light options which provide an energy saving of approximately 60% compared to traditional 2D units as well as options with Movement Sensors which mean the light is part on or totally off if there is no one nearby, as soon as someone comes within 8-15m of the unit it lights up to its full output. These options can save as much as 95% of energy costs compared to traditional units.

T8 & T5 Tube Replacements

Our LED Tube replacements are a brilliant solution to the problem of forever having to change florescent tubes, especially in difficult to reach places or environments where the lifespan of traditional tubes would be shortened (such as colder places or where they have to come on and off on a regular basis.

Our Tube replacements come in T8 and T5 sizes and represent an approximate 65% energy saving compared to traditional tubes, however require no starter or ballasts which you need for traditional tubes, this reduced down the maintenance costs to zero and provides even more energy cost savings.

The light quality for our tube replacements is significantly improved compared to traditional tubes with a Daylight colour temperature; a LED Tube we have installed in a underground garage has been compared to a ‘skylight in darkness’. LED tubes also have an instant start up so there is no flickering or start up delay which you get with Tubes.

LED Flood Lights

Halogen Flood Lights and Metal Halide lights can account for a significant amount of the energy used for lighting without you even realising! LED technology is 15-20 times more efficient than Halogen lighting meaning you can get huge cost savings very easily an at a very low cost using LED Flood lights.

Starting from 10w (equivalent to around 350watts Halogen) up to 200watts which is a massive 16,000 lumens! We also have options with PIR Sensors, RGB Colour Change and Control options meaning you can be as creative with lighting as you want without blowing your budget.

The LED Flood lights are extremely bright and available in warm or cool white options depending on where you would like to use them, we also have a range of case colours to choose from too.

We have used our flood lights in a variety of locations from artistic garden lighting, functional lighting on external areas of apartment blocks as well as commercial applications. The photo shows a 50watt LED Flood light installed at approximately 4m high, this replaced and far surpassed a 70w metal halide light unit.

LED Ceiling Panel lights

We have all been in a class room, office or some other room with the suspended ceiling panel lights with the 3 or 4 fluorescent tubes when one of them starts to flicker and fail, driving everyone crazy! LED Lights are the answer, with 10 years plus maintenance free there will be no more flickering lights, no more changing of tubes and over 60% energy savings!

These LED Ceiling panels are a very quick to install solution to an old problem, providing significantly better light quality, no maintenance and they look great. As they are not recessed into the ceiling you have a better beam angle, better light output and a much neater looking ceiling.

The lights come on various sizes to suit different suspended ceiling systems, you can even get custom sizes made on certain order volumes. You can have a choice of light colours warm white, day light, switchable between the 2 or even RGB colour change.

LED Spotlights & Bulbs

For the residential and retail lighting solutions we have an extensive range of tried and tested LED Bulb and Spotlight products for a wide range of fittings including:

12v MR16 Spotlights

GU10 Spotlights

E14 and E27 (Screw)

B17 and B22 (Bayonet)

R50 and R63 (Reflector)

These come in a variety of styles and light colours including Dimmable, Non-Dimmable, Warm White, Cool White and RGB. Typically these bulbs and spotlights will save 80-90% of your energy costs and last up to 20 years without needing to be changed with better light quality to traditional bulbs.